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(Korean Wave)

Hallyu, The Korean Wave, literally means the flow of Korea, and has been associated with the global fame of South Korean culture and arts since the 1990s. The term Hallyu was created by Chinese media to describe the fast-growing popularity of Korean culture in China, which was then adopted by Japan and other countries. Since the 1990s, K-dramas and K-pop spread across Asia during its initial stages, and the Korean Wave has since then expanded from Asia to Europe and America through K-pop singers such as PSY and BTS.

Hallyu - the Korean Waves - is still spreading to all parts of the world. However, this singular exposure to only one aspect of Korean culture is perhaps unfortunate given the uniqueness and creativity of Korean contemporary paintings and pottery.

The Korean Wave has become an influential global phenomenon since the start of the 21st century, heavily impacting the contemporary cultures, music industry, film industry, television industry and behavioural aspects of people throughout the world. Gangnam Gallery is therefore ready to bring Korean artists and artistic works to the top museums and galleries in foreign countries and thereby continue the Korean Wave in other forms of art.

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